You have probably heard or seen a little bit of Metropolis II but the video you are about to see gives all a little more insight of this amazing work of at. This amazing work was created by Chris Burden, an artist that has been delivering great art on different mediums for about 40 years.

This is a recreated and boosted up version of his 2004 model. So what is it? it’s like the Hot Wheels games we played as kids but this one is like where they are born. It depicts a city by having streets and buildings, but what I believe that made this thing look so great is the fact that it is alive featuring 1000 cars that are constantly in motion.

Other known performances of Burden is getting himself shot by a friend and nailing himself to the back of a VW beetle car, but this is his best yet.
Watch the video as Tiffany Smith from “Attack of the Show” takes us through a tour of this amazing piece of art.

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