I’ve always been intrigued by Brazil, the famous carnival, the gorgeous beaches, and pretty much everything else associated with it. This loft designed by Fernanda Marques just adds to the intrigue with its gorgeous wooden structures and stone walls that seem to just seep in from nature naturally blending in with its environment. Brazil is one of those rare places where outdoor living is possible all year round so I really love the way they took advantage of that unique feature. The outdoor seating and the open feel of the interior seems like the perfect fit for the location.

The loft is a 250-square-meter (about 2,700 square feet) space, and features limestone, rough stone, steel, glass, wood paneling and furnishings that represent the architect’s modernist style. The best part is that the loft features a sense of both the indoors and outdoors to a point where you never quite feel like your missing out on any of the two enviornments.