Let’s face it, a car that drives on tarmac and surf the sea is not new and it indeed exists today, but new isn’t always the goal, it always comes down to competition. This is the VW Aqua, a “conceptual” hovercraft designed by a talented young Chinese designer, Yuhan Zhang.

Interesting enough, this hovercraft is designed by a girl whom during her studies wanted to better improve transportation in China as the terrain is varied, from rivers to snow to sand to sea. Though in concept form, on a technical side, the fans behind give the thrust the hovercraft needs to hover and the side wheel-like fans deploy to lift the car up a little.

If you’re wondering how you can get it, simple .. you do so like its the year 3000, hop in from the top hatch. This is indeed a stretch too far forward, by I believe everything starts as a dream and I can imagine this vehicle happening.