For todays Rewind, we are revisiting what is perhaps has become the greatest cartoon of all time. Future Boy Conan, most of our Arab readers including ourselves prefer the arabic title “Adnan Wa Leena”. As a kid we watched this show from the second it starts all the way to the credits (something people don’t do nowadays) and wait for tomorrow just to see what happens to the greatest romantic and dramatic story we’ve ever watched.

A lot of us don’t know or even bothered to know who made the show due to the fact that we were just kids, Studio Ghibli is my favorite Anime creators, they are the people that brought you genius creations like Academy Award Winner “Spirited Away”, “Howl’s Moving Castle”, “Princess Mononoke”, etc. Most of these movies are directed and written by the genius Hayao Miyazaki.

Somehow older cartoons have this element that sucks you in that are omitted from today’s cartoons. Anyway, in order to refresh your memory, the story was about a little boy caught up in a war between two nations in the year 2008. Though the show aired from to April 4, 1978 to October 31, 1978 compiled of only 26 episodes, it is still a wonderful show packed with love, art, drama and it sure left a spark on us. The following video is the intro of the show (in Arabic).

Love it so much? you can watch all episodes here.