Elegance meets just plain weird, thats the best way I know to describe this restaurant. Basically it has one section that looks like something from a 70s James Bond movie, and another section that looks like it could be a horror movie called “Attack of the Tiny Wooden Sticks”.

The restaurant is located in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and is designed by Sergey Makhno and Vasily Butenko who are known for their out of this world designs.

Personally, I love the elegant part of the design for its simplicity, gorgeous color scheme, and unique lighting (which makes me want to pull a “tarazan” and start swinging on them like vines).

As for the furry looking part, artistically it fascinates me, but on a physical level it just freaks me out! It feels like little stick monsters could just pop out and eat me or worse eat my food!.

It seems like a great place to experience and if your ever in the mood to travel to Serbia (they have an amazing train tour), you should pass by. Oh and don’t forget to bring your James Bond accent you never know when you’ll find a place as fitting as this.