Abduzeedo is one of my favorite art blogs that I visit on a daily basis. Their posts are so unique, made by designers for designers. Part of their amazing dedication, they provide a daily selection of designs which they find everyday and they are exceptionally great, from every field of art. To continue this ongoing dedication, they made this book which is designed to shuffle the designer into the varied arts of other artists in order to get inspired.

I have the book and enjoyed it and appreciate the work that was put into it. Besides providing designs on each page, the people behind the book broke it down into sections like illustrations, photo manipulations, etc. in order to categorize inspiration according to the designer’s needs. There are a few tutorials of leading artists featured as well, they are comprehensive but simple as well. The writers did a well job at writing out brief intros that contain an insight of the given sections. My issue with the book is that it is kinda small and did not feature very great artworks, they are good but we see greator ones being displayed everywhere including the Abduzeedo website itself. The designs are already on their website for free, I’d suggest they make a monthly or quarterly selection and make an online version where people can enjoy for a small fee. Other than that, the book was good.

Buy Book ($26.13) approx. KD7.180

The Good:
- Good Tutorials.
- Showcases Art for artists (to the point)
- Good inspiration.
- Nifty intros.

The Bad:
- Short.
- Art displayed can be found on the website for free.