I saw these products by Poppin and I loved them!

I’ve been trying to find the right supplies for my office for a while now but I never really found what I was looking for. Thats where Poppins comes in. Basically it lets you buy products in a wide range of colors to suit your personal needs. The products they offer aren’t expensive and they are good quality so its worth getting.

You can find almost anything from green staplers and pens to yellow rulers and orange scissors. Poppin office supplies was founded by Ken Seiff (known for starting Bluefly). He describes Poppin as making the process of, “looking at, buying and using office supplies an extraordinary experience” thanx to their site which is very user-friendly.

The site is easy to navigate, organized by category, color or by bundle. Simply sign up to store shipping addresses, view past orders and save your account information.

In the end Poppin is a great site to get supplies whether its for a child, an adult, or the child in you.