I’ve always wanted a decent app for writing notes on the iPad but every time I download an app I don’t exactly get what I want. Luckily enough I came across “Bamboo Paper” created by the best tablet creators Wacom. Though it’s best use is by using a stylus, the app works perfectly without it. The app lets you take notes all compiled in a single notebook, think of if you were going to write a story, this app is for you! Or you’re a meeting-person this is also ideal for you. What sets it apart from other note taking apps is its simplicity and intuitive design, everything flows smoothly even flipping through pages of your notes.

You get a set of tools to choose from ranging from colors to brush sizes, all kept minimal, after all this is not a drawing app, but you can sketch great stuff. The app also allows you to select types of paper either plain, lined and the squarish one. Bamboo also stands out for its sharing options as other similar apps lack such features and confine the experience only within the app. Great enough, Bamboo let’s you E-mail, save pages as images and most importantly it let’s you export to PDF. If I can contribute to this app by suggesting, I’d say I’d wish there was a password entry at the beginning. All in all I suggest you get this app now, it is FREE!

Download App (Free)

The Good:
- Amazing Design.
- Works Great.
- Simple and Smooth.
- Varied (needed) options.
- Free!

The Bad:
- Lack of having multiple notebooks.
- Not password-Protected.

The Score: