Im not a fan of racing games on the iPad/iPhone but as soon as I saw this game featured on the App Store I just had to get it. Seeing all those SEGA characters just woke up the kid in me and a flood of Nostalgia just came flooding through. Dramatic, I know, but I couldn’t help myself. I immediately clicked “purchase” without a second thought and as I anxiously awaited the install bar to fill up I remembered all the good times I had as a kid playing the sonic game when it first came out in 1991 I was 6 years old at the time but I was hooked, the Sega Genesis ruled my world.

Enough about my romance with video games *ahem*, so back to the game. The game finally loaded and I started playing and it immediately hit me why SEGA isn’t doing so well anymore. I love them like a drug but they just lost their touch. The graphics are terrible, even for an iOS game and the controls are enough to make you shoot the person next to you (Tilt Screen Driving AHH!). Even my deep set nostalgia couldn’t get me to keep playing this game. Its not insanely bad but it didn’t even come close to its full potential. The good side is they brought back some amazing characters like Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman, Ryo Hazuki and Amigo, even Crazy Taxi was in the game, all with their own unique vehicles. Sadly, that just wasn’t enough, because once I finally got the hang of the controls (which I still don’t like), I realized that the game didn’t offer anything new. They basically took Mario Kart and put their own characters in.

All in all, the game was a huge disappointment for me personally because of the love I have for SEGA but if you like racing games you might just enjoy this game but other than that just stay away and keep the happy SEGA memories alive.

Download App. ($4.99) KD 1.370

The Good:
- Lots of Timeless Characters.
- Custom Vehicles For Each.

The Bad:
- Terrible Controls.
- Lack of Originality.
- Repetitive Gameplay.
- Bad Graphics.