We’ve all played pinball at one point or another, hitting all the points while watching the flashing lights and the score boards struggling to keep up. Its a part of almost every kid’s life but growing up you tend to lose the excitement that once filled our hearts for pinball machines.

But what if you were the ball? *Insert opera music and dramatic lighting*. Not so boring anymore!

Well thats what this is a huge LED powered energy efficient life-sized pinball machine. This ingenious concept was developed and created by Bram Couvreur for Super Modular to promote their superior lighting and what better way than a pinball machine! Genius!

I could totally imagine myself running around like a 4 year old crashing into the walls and screaming with glee! (not the show the actual emotion).

Everything about this design is gorgeous from the bright candy colored walls and floors to the shiny metal bars and bright lights.