When Cars 2 was announced, I’m one of those people who was rather skeptical over such news of yet another sequel for two reasons. The first is the fact that sequels tend to add more and more to what the original was and that isn’t always better and second, some movies are best off standing alone, imagine if they made “UP 2″ that would be a bad idea, even though UP was one of the best movies I have ever watched. Back to Cars 2, they made it better than the original, by upping it’s scale and stressing on the action department.
What I love about Pixar is that their movies are fun for everyone, from any age, who knows if infants can speak, they’d probably shout out “PIXAR …. momy?”. Cars 2 is better, but I really don’t like the fact that cars are talking, sure it is fun for a bit but the way they are implemented is not very great, they almost lack detail in comparison to other Pixar movies. From a technical stand point “Render-Man” (Pixar’s engine) looks better, but Cars 2 did not really show anything that overwhelming. The expansion of the movie includes a bigger bang with more vehicles, ranging from ships to planes leaving us only wondering, why is it called Cars 2.

The story although familiar is not very well portrayed as it is the same one from the original Cars, that being friendship. Leaving all this behind, the movie had some really funny jokes mostly portrayed through the truck “Mater” and whomever watched the first movie would know why. He has such an amazing character but too good to the point where it makes him steal the show but I guess that’s okay. The main character Lightning McQueen is not very interesting, even though he’s the center of attraction, the other vehicles had more character, were funnier and certainly more fun to watch. I do appreciate the overall care and effort Pixar has put into this movie but this movie was a slight step down from their amazing spree of great movies. All in all, I probably love cartoons more than live action movies, blame the kid inside me, but Cars 2 had it’s moments and I have to say “Mater” saved it.

The Good:
- Better than Cars 1.
- Mater is very funny.
- Great villain, and interesting cast overall.
- Some great jokes here and there.

The Bad:
- Story is not original.
- Pace starts slow.
- Main character isn’t well developed.
- Artistic design of cars is not up to Pixar Standard.