I present to you the cutest game you will ever see on iTunes. Introducing Tiny Tower, the pixel filled hotel strategy/time management game developed by NimbleBit. Ok before I continue I have to say this is not a remake of the popular Sim Tower. Wait, don’t leave! its still an amazing game! Any game geek knows Sim Tower and a remake has been widely desired but Tiny Tower isn’t it, but thats not a bad thing.

Tiny Tower give you control of a pixel hotel where you have to balance the demand for residential and commercial spaces. It is by far one of my favorite iPad games so far. The game has a lot to offer, let me break it down for you.

Basically you start with a lobby and work your way from there. Every time you build a floor you have to choose if its going to be a residential or commercial. For residential you get to house tenants who will later work on your commercial floors so getting enough workers is essential. Then you build a commercial floor but theres a catch. Its not as simple as the residential floors because you have to pick one of five categories, food, retail, creative, recreational, and services. I wont spoil the game for you but its full of great surprises like VIP customers and goofy characters, and unlike other time management games the game isn’t just full of button mashing theres a lot more to it than that and the game design is gorgeous with a huge cute factor.

The game is free and unlike other free games there isn’t a hidden gimmick where they get you hooked on the game then require you to buy extra “coins or points” to be able to continue. Of course, buying coins or “bux” as they call them is available in the game but you definitely don’t need them. I’ve been playing nonstop for two days and I haven’t encountered any problems.

One thing you should keep in mind is that it’s a bit slow at first which is understandable because you don’t have that many floors to manage but once you do the “bux” start rolling in and so do the expenses and thats when it really gets interesting. So the game is definitely worth buying in my opinion.

Download Now. (Free)

The Good:
- Insanely Cute Graphics.
- Very Addictive Gameplay.
- Very Well Balanced Strategy.
- It’s Free!.
- Lots of Extra Surprises.

The Bad:
– Soundtrack isn’t very entertaining.