I watched the 180 minute something premiere of the hyped show Falling Skies, created by Steven Spielberg. The show is about aliens attacking earth and is rather focused on an individual group of people trying to survive. Like you’d expect, there are shortages of food and weaponry and everyone wants to be boss and of course some romantic connections. It is a post-apocaliptic life with an alien touch. Like many shows, we start to discover who, what and why within each episode.
My impression of the first episode is not very promising, I did not see anything that could suck me in and make me want to watch more. I did not like the design of the aliens, they could have been a lot better and far more original. As for the story itself, there isn’t anything in particular that is new so far, all I could help but think, I wish they made District 9 into a show. Generally speaking most shows priemere with a bang, an element that sucks you in and I did not find it in Falling Skies. Though it may be not a very unique start, Falling Skies may be a good show, the good start is the fact it’s about aliens and humans and everyone likes that.

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