Zookeeper is a game developed by a Japanese company called Kitseretsu. I LOVE that name. The fact that its a Japanese game is enough reason for me to love it but let me explain why the actual app is worthy to the general public. Zookeeper is not a new game. I was originally introduced to the game when I bought the Nintendo DS version and I loved it from the start. The gameplay isn’t a new concept nor does it provide much in terms of innovation, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. Instead of creating a new concept they went with a classic one that works and I believe the best way to describe it is “If its not broken, don’t fix it”.

Basically the goal of the game is to connect three of the same animals in a straight horizontal or vertical line so that they cancel out each other, all while battling the time meter. Its a great game with simple but effective graphics and the background music isn’t too bad either. While its not the type of game that you’d play for hours on end, (mostly because you’ll get so frustrated when you reach a high level then lose), but trust me after 10 mins you’ll be back. The game will get your adrenaline pumping and by the time you get to the 6th level you’ll be jumping up and down trying not to crack under the pressure, think along the lines of the classic games like Tetris.

All in all, the game is definitely worth getting in my opinion though you shouldn’t expect something thats going to make you cry in awe, its still a great game for those moments when you need to kill time but can’t get into something that requires too much time. Like when your waiting for a phone call, (though you might not pick up when you finally get the call).

Download App $1.99 (0.550 KD)

The Good:
- Cute Graphics.
- Addictive Gameplay.
- Long Replay Value .
- Well Priced.

The Bad:
– Soundtrack is a bit awkward.
- Very Repetitive.
- Only 2 Game Modes.
- Frustrating at Times.