Child of Eden is a very promising game created for Xbox 360 Kinect. Though Kinect enabled, this game plays on the controller as well. The story of the game isn’t necessary but it is there, you play as a savior of Eden, a computer memory of Earth being attacked by forces of evil. What you do in the game is simple, shoot evil using one hand at a time. The right hand targets and you push it forward to shoot ( kinda like Haduken from Street fighter, single handed ), while the left hand shoots constantly like a machine gun; unfortunately, they can’t be used at the same time. Perhaps the greatest thing about the game is not its gameplay, its the amazing visuals that had my jaw open, you fly in space, see a lot of light, jelly fish (cools ones), whales some squares and anything really in a very very vibrant style.

What strikes me most is when shooting enemies, the game triggers sounds which creates amazing effects that rhyme with the amazing soundtrack. While great, the game falls short for it’s very simple gameplay and for not taking advantage of the Kinect. Kinect is an amazing device, they should added head tracking, special moves rather than just point on the screen, there is one where you raise both of your hands, but still nothing overwhelming, I have to admit though, it can be great exercise, make sure no one sees you play though ;p Though artistically mind blowing, regardless of it’s hype This game is not a true game changer but definitely unique.

The Good:
- Amazing visuals.
- Great Soundtrack.
- Fun to play.
- Makes you want to live it.

The Bad:
– Limited gameplay elements.
- Repetition.
- No great use of Kinect.
- Dying means repeat from beginning, no checkpoints.
- Short.