I watched Super 8 the other day and I must say it is not so super. Before you read our review, this is a spoiler free review approved by the Chuk’num spoiler federation. Anyway, Super 8 is a movie that is written and directed by JJ. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg and both are known for their credible work. That said, such great names is no means for me to judge the movie based on their previous successes, I believe sometimes a less impressive movie is made.
Super 8 is about a group of kids who like to create movies, set in the 1979′ish time around in a little town in Ohio and of course a movie reaches a climax and everything starts going bananas. The movie’s plot is unimaginative as I have probably seen such a movie half a dozen times and I’m pretty sure every movie person has. The problem with the movie is that it brings a familiar story but their isn’t a fresh twist, nor is the speed of the movie serves it right, as it is so slow. It is interesting to see children being the heros but this isn’t a children’s movie as it has sudden scary moments which have become clichés that is over-done in a lot of movies. The cgi in the movie is great, especially in a particular scene quarter-way through the movie, but that is just about it. The movie kept dragging and dragging into the predictable zone and everything is so laid back and barely leaves you at the edge of your seat. I’m thankful that the movie is not in New York as all blockbusters tend to do, you know disasters happen just about anywhere, well at least not in the sci-fi fictional sense. All in all, even if you enjoy the movie, the ending of the movie is going to put you off for a life time as it is the worst ending of all time. Although falls behind in the plot, I believe the choice and performances of the actors and actresses are just right. My suggestion, watch Cloverfield and District 9 a 100 times each and you’d love them more each time you watch them rather than watch Super 8.

The Good:
- Good visuals.
- Great choice of cast.
- Does not take place it New York!
- Good acting.

The Bad:
- A very familiar story.
- Very Slow paced.
- The ending is a put off.
- The resolution of the conflict is very unimaginative.
- Not a 2011 movie standard, more of a 2003.