What do you get the tech addict that has it all? The iCufflinks seems to be the newest option. Its designed by Adafruit and costs $128 (KD 35.350). They actually sold out their stock on the first day which is crazy! But they will be restocking soon.

Here’s a brief description of the product:

“Sophisticated. Modern. Open Source. Gorgeously machined aluminum with a subtle pulsating LED. Perfect for Father’s day or for that geek who loves technology and needs to get dressed up for a special event. Welcome to the future! … The cufflinks are CNC machined from the finest 6 series aluminum for durability and beauty. The iCufflinks are a remarkable accessory. Machined with a “screw in backing”. Each iCufflink contains a circuit board with pulsating LED and battery.”

You can purchase the iCufflinks online by clicking here.

iCufflinks by Adafruit from adafruit industries on Vimeo.