This app has been advertised a very long time ago, and it just landed on the app store. What it does is simply let you do everything that can be done on their website, book tickets, edit your profile, view movie synopsis and pretty much everything else. It does as it is advertised. But I find it more convenient when I access their mobile website as it loads much faster. The app needs some serious graphics update as the icons look blurry, the UI is at times glitchy and there is too much scrolling and clicking to do, making it less of simple app.

Apps should be straight forward and be on the go. One thing I really dislike is that the app is more of a webportal, when it comes to selecting seats, it is very laggy and sometimes you need to tap quite a few times to get thing to respond, with a mobile screen, things need to be optimized for it. All in all, though there are issues, the app is good and I believe such issues will be resolved in further updates.
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The Good:
- Let’s you book on the go.
- Maps is a nice Addition.
- View current and coming soon movies.
- It’s free!

The Bad:
- Blurry UI.
- Glitchy at times.
- Too much clicking involved.
- Website portal is a lot simpler
- Ads get in the way.