Zahed Sultan is a Kuwaiti who creates unique music with a touch of Arab flare mixed in with foreign beats. “The command of music to do so much by saying so little is what draws me to it as a medium” says Zahed. “By etching a sound and presence that is uniquely my own, I am confident that I can carve a niche for myself in the days to come.”

Here’s a brief description about Zahed from his website:

“Zahed Sultan is a “Social Entrepreneur” with a dynamic portfolio of creative ventures. Through mediums such as music, film, online, print, & more, Zahed strives to inspire differentiation in others and push the envelope on pre-conceived routes to achievement. Through Zahed Sultan you’ll discover commitments to the environment & community as well as numerous entrepreneurial journeys that stem from an inherent desire to innovate and involve.”

There are two of his music videos: