Charlie Champion reveals the Airbus plane of the future, Airbus’ airplane of 2050 is translucent, has “experience zones” instead of old-fashioned classes, and is filled with biomorphic seats that fuel on the energy from your body and adapt to you body’s unique contours. For the tech savvy passengers, there will be a “tech zone” that will enable you to attend virtual business meetings at 35,000 feet thanks to the creation of an “intelligent cabin interior”. Another feature on the plane of the future is that the passengers sense of well being will be enhanced by the use of aromatherapy, with the stuffy cabin air being replaced by aromatherapy scents complete with antioxidants and vitamins flowing through the plane. The plane will, thanks to the use of new materials, be lighter, consume less fuel and have a far lower carbon footprint than aircraft in the skies today.

All thats missing now is a passenger with a serious fear of heights boarding the transparent plane ;)