Whether you’re more of a Wii person and like Mii’s or an Xbox person, Avatars are too cool to be unnoticed. Sometimes you’d like to transfer what is based on software and make it into a physical real world object, lol maybe thats the geek in me. Anyway, there is a company that does just that, generate a 3D printing of your avatar, it is called Figure Prints. 3D printing is just like a regular printer but on steroids, it prints layers and paints to create a 3D object.
Thankfully, the process on our ends is simple, enter your gamertag then you can select from a variety of poses.
Because it is a very complicated technology, the crafts are made in less than a month, they cost $49.99 (almost 14KD) excluding shipping. Check out the video for the making of. (P.S. that is not me in the picture)
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