If you are a movie person then you must know Roger Ebert, the critically acclaimed movie reviewer. Whether you like his reviews or not, he has got himself an app and we are here to review it. The app does as you’d expect, show Ebert’s reviews and it does just that, except its only a read only collection of his favorite movies for movie guru’s and not an on-the-go movie reviews app.
You can sort the apps by his favorite picks or the ones reviewed by date. Problem is, you wont find all movies he reviewed. Gladly, the search works fine and when choosing the desired movie, you get to see Ebert’s distinctive review, though great I dont see the famous “STAR” ratings he uses, it is just his words and lacking the scoring system. The app does great on the social media integration, allowing you to share via Twitter and Facebook and download movies off Amazon.
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The Good:
- Great reviews in your pocket.
- Neat UI.
- Works Offline.

The Bad:
- A lot of Classics.
- I’d rather buy the book or view the FREE list online.
- No Star rating.
- Movies have one image thumbnail, no trailers.