There are many music player alternatives for the iPad but I have not seen anything like this. This app integrates with the built in music player and functions separately as a gorgeous looking app. It has your songs laid out in space, each artist on a planet and songs on their moons/mini planets. You can search by letter, pinch to zoom and watch your song in as a little planet as it circulates around it’s mother planet.

This app is only a great visual experience, instead of boring lists, this app helps you revisit old songs you forgot about, just because they are now in cool shaped planets. Although cool and smooth from every angle, it is not the most convenient way to search for songs, after all, you can only browse based on artist name, can be not much of use for those with 500+ songs. I believe this app showcases great use of art but falls on the longetivity side, as in I don’t think it can serve a better replacement for the built in music app found within the iPad.

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The Good:
- Great Concept.
- Space!!!!
- Smooth and functional.
- Plays in the background.

The Bad:
- No Song Search (just by artist name).
- More visual than functional, people will switch back regular player soon enough.