Yes it is probably a little 6 months late, but I decided to give this movie a look. Some of you might have seen it and some didn’t so here is my comprehensive review for the half a dozen award winning movie.

With a strong cast starring Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon, I automatically thought this will be a great movie. The movie is about a little 14 year old girl in search for the man who killed her father in cold blood, she looks for a man to hire in order to bring that man into justice, from there on the adventure begins. Jeff Bridges as always delivers an outstanding performance and so does Matt Damon, though the events of the movie take place in the wild west era, Matt Damon’s face is just unfitting and his mustache is sticking too far ahead that it is only obvious that it is fake, neither did his round face fit.

I was expecting a dangerous journey packed with a hint of action at least, but all I got is 2 men and a girl rambling as they travel the road. The rambling was good but went on for too much for too little events. The movie played like A, B, C then all the sudden Z, meaning everything in between had no progress and ran on the same pace, just like rap music ; p. Anyway, This movie isn’t Red Dead Redemption (game) nor is it 3:10 to Yuma (movie), it is a showcase of great acting in the wrong story/movie. Apart from that, the girl’s acting was outstanding, even better than Bridges and Damon’s and truly captured the little girl in the wild west feeling, though she acted as an adult and not a child.
My suggestion, watch this trailer and you see everything in the movie, minus the hours of talk.

My review could be harsh considering the fact that this movie received so much, I’d like to re-phrase that and suggest that the acting deserved a lot. The events, story and everything surrounding the characters is nothing more than average.

The Good:
- Outstanding performances.
- The girl’s acting was great (this is more like the above!)

The Bad:
- Matt Damon’s look is unsuitable.
- Plot is too boring.
- Too much talking.