I saw these pictures of a design concept for the Wadi Resort and I was just blown away. The resort to is to be built in Wadi Rum, Jordan, and is set for completion in 2014.

The design was made by Oppenheim Architecture + Design and they did a fantastic job. The fact that they utilized the surrounding environment in such a way is pure genius! I loved the style and the sharp edges which gives the hotel a very modern feel and allows it to blend in with the jagged rocks of the mountain. Everything about this design intrigues me and I cant wait to see the final result.

Heres what they had to say about the project:

“The successful concept suggests inserting 47 desert lodges into the red sandstone cliffs and constructing additional facilities from rammed earth and cement mixed with local red sand. This world-class location will afford incredible views over the undulating natural landscape, an hour and a half outside the historical city of Petra – also carved into a rockface. Care has been taken to blur the boundaries between the manufactured resort and the natural scenery, enhancing the visitor experience and taking full advantage of the inherent cooling effect of rocks.”