Sony had the longest conference at E3 2011 with a lot of new games to show and titles to showcase. One major announcement was PSP Vita portable gaming system which is looking to rival Nintendo’s 3DS. I won’t be mentioning the PSP Vita or its games in this post because I will leave that for a post on its own since there is a lot to talk about. So lets begin:

The titles we will be addressing:
- Uncharted 3
- Resistance 3
- NBA 2K12
- Medieval Moves: Deadman’s Quest
- Infamous 2
- Star Hawk
- Bioshock: Infinite
- Star Trek
- Street Fighter x Tekken

Uncharted 3

I loved the Uncharted games so I had high expectations for Uncharted 3 trailer, I have to say they didn’t disappoint. They have a great game and they know it so they didn’t start with a flashy trailer they just went straight to the gameplay which I liked. What I saw just blew me away. The rocking ship swaying from side to side as you constantly maintain your footing struggling to keep your balance. It was so realistic I almost got sea sick and whats funny is that I don’t get sea sick on real ships. What really annoyed me though is when they showed the map and they said they were going to Arabia .. ARABIA?! Why do I get the feeling that they got their geographical information from a two year old?

Resistance 3

Resistance 3 seemed like a game with a lot of promise. The footage was very dark and gloomy which fit the story well. The weapons and shield are very similar to halo but they seem good nonetheless. Personally though I hate the big giant insects, I can’t handle the tiny ones in real life and now they are the size of buildings. That’s just too much for me.

NBA 2K12

Im not a fan of basketball games in real life or in video games, (I’m entitled to my own opinion stop complaining) but I’m going to leave my personal preferences aside and give this game a fair assessment. In short the game sucks. I swear thats my unbiased opinion. Even if I did like these games, the fact that they integrated PS Move into the game just made it so much worse. Imagine trying to pass to your teammate but instead of pressing a button you have to find the guy then aim with the crosshairs (the player is running mind you) THEN pass. Feels more like a shooter like the old duck hunting game. Instead of passing you might actually shoot the guys head off. What? it could happen.

Medieval Moves: Deadman’s Quest

I dont really have that much to say about this game. It really doesn’t cut it for me. The whole game looks and feels very incomplete and its practically a carbon copy of the fable games but not as good graphically.

Infamous 2

Infamous 2 seems ok, but thats all I can tell since they didn’t really show any real footage just a trailer and from what I can gather it sort of feels like a merge between Saints Row and Harry Potter. A wizard from the ghetto or something.

Star Hawk

This game looks like it could be a lot of fun. The best way I can describe it is that it seems like a Western Halo with very similar weapons and vehicles to the halo games, but this game is set in a desert world. The trailer looked good and I’ll just have to wait till we get more information to really give a good assessment.

Dust 514

Yet another Halo look alike, seems like Sony has a lot of those in this years E3 conference. If they aren’t copying the weapons then they are copying the vehicles, and in this game the’ve copied both (the guy even sounds like Master Chief). I dont have much more to comment on so I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Bioshock: Infinite

The mother of innovation, thats what the Bioshock games are to me. Everything about this game is a reinvention of traditional gaming. The unbelievable settings, the weapons, the enemies, even the modes are transport are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a game or otherwise. Nothing I say could give justice to how amazing this game looks so I’ll just leave you will the footage from E3.

Star Trek

The Star Trek game looks good but it still seems too early to tell. Im still looking forward to this game though. I’m not sure if its because I’m a Star Trek fan or if its my love for all things space related so I hope this game is as good as I’d like it to be *fingers crossed*.

Street Fighter x Tekken

Street Fighter and Tekken in the same game? The Japanese shoolgirl in me is screaming with joy. Two of the greatest fighter games in the history of gaming are coming together this is a loooong overdue collaboration, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. GO JIN!

The Unmentioned Games:
- Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
- Battlefield 3 (Discussed in previous post)
- SSX (Discussed in previous post)

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