iOS 5 is the next big leap for iPhone, iPad and iPod. We had a lot of expectations, some of them were exceeded and many new stuff were introduced that we really didn’t know that we wanted. I believe Apple has done it, they are back on track, though I personally believe some other things should have been tweaked, things like the UI, its from 2007 old, but they did managed to improve bits here and there. Many sites have posted about this already, but I’ll be providing my impressions on each and how useful the features can be.







1) Notifications:

One of the most needed features has been addressed. Now you get notified, without annoying popups and you get to see all your notifications by swiping from up to down anywhere you are. In, addition, the lock screen now has a purpose.

2) iMessage:

iMessage does what WhatsAPP does, the long awaited feature, similar to Black Berry Messanger, it only works across iOS devices. I only wish they called it iChat and combined Facetime with it, to lessen this fragmentation.

3) Newsstand:
A clever feature enabling to have an iBooks-Like shelf containing all your magazine and news apps, you get notified the moment new issues arrive and they download automatically. This will allow for some great up to date with news and anything of your interest, no more messy home screen. It also has it’s own shop.



4) Reminders:
Nothing very exciting here, but well appreciated. You get to do to-dos in a much sophisticated way, built in iOS, no more hunting for apps. It syncs will all your iDevices and you can set locations for the reminders.

5) Twitter Integration:
Not a Twitter person, but having Twitter built in the system is a clever move, I don’t quite get why they haven’t implemented Facebook as well. This is good for those who are interested in narrating their every move. “Hey I just cut one rope on Cut the Rope!”, great?

6) Camera Updates:
You no longer have to use the lame on screen button, you can now shoot pictures with the Volume up (+) button, you may also pinch to Zoom. What I like most is that you can access camera right from the lock screen, no more lost moments. “Oh wait let me find camera app, pause yourself mid air so I can capture it”.

7) Safari:
Now we have tabs, really great.

8) PC-Free:
Yes! Yes! and Yes! no more wires, you can sync via Wi-Fi and most importantly, you do not need a computer to start using any iOS device. This will allow for more freedom and less headaches for those who are not Computer-friendly.

9) Gestures:
A true multitasking experience, you can use four fingers to swipe between open apps and pinch with five fingers to go back to the home screen. Very useful, especially when clicking a button in a middle of the night can be a hassle for the sleepy ones.

10) The Rest:
There are hundreds of other features which include a lot of refinements to the system, improved mail, improved Game Center, you can airplay whatever is on your iOS device to your Apple TV and much more.

All in all, it was an impressive conference, and in case you are wondering, it is a bit of a long wait for the Fall when this comes out.
Watch the below video for more: