Feed Me Oil, as the name implies is feeding but with a twist. In this unique puzzle game, your objective is simple, direct oil flow from a broken pipe into the mouth of a monster. While interesting in concept, the game plays well but has a number of issues I thought could have improved the experience.

During the course of the game, levels get tougher and you get more tools to use in order to feed the monsters, such as platforms, magnets, fans, etc. The game can be really fun, but with such a game, visuals are important, and I think, the art needs a lot more work that what it is in its current form. I also believe the soundtrack is the wrong choice for a game of this kind and visual appeal. As far as gameplay and physics goes, it is fun, but the visuals turn it down.

Download iPhone version ($0.99)
Download iPad version ($1.99)
This review is based on the iPad version of the game.

The Good:
- Solid physics.
- Intuitive Gameplay.
- Great Concept.
- Interesting challenges.

The Bad:
- Art style ruins the experience.
- Soundtrack is unsuitable.
- Monsters are neither ugly or cute.