A-Cero have done it again! Introducing the “Concrete House”. Now I do love the design and it is truly a work of art without a doubt, but I have to admit it is a bit too much of a concrete feel for my taste. That being said, I still love the modern feel and the strong cut edges that give it a dynamic look. I really think that the surroundings help with the overall look because the green from the grass and trees clashes with the grey of the concrete but in a good way. In my opinion the interior needs a little bit more of a modern look to fit with the exterior but thats just me. Overall I think this house is amazing and exactly what you would expect from the amazing A-Cero team.

Heres what A-Cero had to say about it:
“With the combination of design, quality and functionality arises a house of 1.500m2 defined by a set of clean lines and perfect volumes. The gray colour of the concrete that make up the whole building and an architectural wide black pergola, there are the elements that, at first sight, stand out in the house exterior. Furthermore, huge windows have been included in the facade in order to enjoy of the pleasant surrounding views of the house. The construction has two floors that have been built according to the slope of the house´s plot. The first level, where the pedestrian access is, has a area of 653m2. This floor has been distributed in three areas: a familiar area (lounge, dining room, kitchen, office, a living room for the children …); a private part where are four bedrooms, with its proper baths and dressing-rooms, and a free time and relaxation area that is opened to the exterior and the swimming pool throw a wide porch. In the ground floor there are a gymnasium, a wine vault, cleaning rooms and the area for service and house´s facilities.”