We all know MINI whether you hate it or love it, but not all of us know that MINI is a pack of macintosh, where no car looks the same, due their limitless customizations and new versions of the car. The first rebranding of the car and refurbished look after the 60′s classic model was in 2002. The car was new and got a few upgrades till it was further modified in the 2005 and 2006 models.  Beginning in 2007, MINI went banana’s and created the car from scratch and released their ugly creation MINI Clubman in 2008. From there, MINI used its current standard model, either shrunk it or even inflate it to come up with fresh new ideas and get more people interested in the car.

I love MINI, and the following images will display the goods and the awful’s of this macintosh riot. In my case, I gotta catch em’ all (Pokemon).