Why is it that companies always tease us with these gorgeous concept cars when they know they won’t build them? I don’t know much about cars so stuff like engine v something and horsepower might as well be in german coz I don’t really understand any of it but what I do understand is beautiful design and the new Jaguar C-X75 is exactly that. The car was developed to honor Jaguar’s 75th anniversary and is said to be based on the classic XJ13 concept, though I don’t see any resemblance. It’s a gorgeous car to say the least and the design team at Jaguar have really outdone themselves.

Ok so heres the technical mumbo jumbo for those of you who understand it:
“Each wheel on the C-X75 is driven by an individual 145kW electric motor which are all powered by one large 19.6kWh lithium ion battery. This system delivers all wheel drive and promises to provide extra control and traction as well as intense torque (0-62 in 3.4 seconds). On a single charge, which takes 6 hours from a conventional household plug to achieve, the C-X75 can travel up to 68 miles with zero emissions. The vehicle has an complex ventilation system incorporated into the exterior design to cool the micro turbines. There are no side-view mirrors, instead cameras built into the back feed directly to a screen inside the cabin. The beautiful angles highlight the slick hyper aerodynamic look and are complimented by the beautiful 21 and 22 inch aluminum wheels. Up to 50% of the the light weight aluminum used in constructing the car is recycled and increases the performance and economy.”