This game is one of those intuitive games with a funny character and a simple gameplay mechanic, in other words, all the ingredients to make a great game. The main character that you control is an cubic yet elastic ninja who happens to be cute. You pull/drag with your finger to stretch it and make it stick from one point to another, collecting orbs and moving from one point to another. Of course this is not a straight forward game, you will be encountering harder stages with obstacles like spikes, that instantly kills you rubber friend. Like you’d expect, this is a unique puzzle game, and in any given puzzle game, levels get harder as you progress. This is one of my favorite iOS games at the movement.
(This review is based on the iPhone version of the game.)

Download iPhone version ($0.99)
Download iPad version ($2.99)

The Good:

- Great Graphics.
- Great music and sound effects.
- Simple Gameplay.
- Challenging Puzzles.
- Cute character design.

The Bad:
- Can be frustrating at times.