Now, a lot of people might not consider playing this game simply because it is a rally game. I have played the previous games in the series for a very long time and to be honest I hated all of them till I played Dirt 2 almost 2 years ago. After the wait, Dirt 3 is here and it is CRAZY. I don’t enjoy rally but this game isn’t entirely rally, there are regular races, head to head, drifting challenging and the huge portion of the multiplayer. As soon as I started the game, something anyone would notice is the amazing menu design, it is not the typical check-list, it is interactive, beautifully animated and very intuitive, I can write a whole impressions article on the menu, but I’ll just stick to reviewing the game.

I started playing a rally race, before actually driving I was staring at the graphics, and to put it in simple words, “best graphics in a racing game”. After all that great introduction, I played the game  and at first I was not sure if I liked it, that is because this game has that “learning curve”. I was playing on normal difficulty so handling the car was some what not easy. But that is the thing, carry on playing and you’d learn how to and it is crazy.

The game’s graphics are so good, as you race through various rainy, snowy and desert-ish tracks, you will encounter an experience like no other. You can drive from inside the cockpit view or outside, and the game is so good even the wipers start working when you dive into a pile of mud and can’t see. What is also notably amazing is the destruction of the cars and each slam gives that real feeling of a crash as the game also features great sound effects. Everything from water splashes to the beautiful engine sounds, the game will not disappoint. They even managed to create the sound where while riding on sand, you get little sand bits hitting against the car from the bottom. The game has a lot of cars ranging from new to old and they all have their own feel at driving.

Enough about single player, the multiplayer is fresh and amazing. You can do everything that is already in the single player with the addition of more skilled and varied modes. Such as Outbreak, which starts off one player being infected and he/she has to bump other cars to make everyone infected, of course the car that gets hit also becomes infected. While it seems funny, it is tons of fun, the tracks are wide open and feature narrow obstacles like pipes making escaping and getting caught a challenging thing. There is also a capture the flag and I believe this game is the best in the series and definitely worth a try, in fact it is the only racing game that makes me want to play and try to beat, all other racing games I throw away within 2 days of purchase.

The Good:
- Amazing graphics
- Great Driving Experience.
- Great Gameplay variation.
- Varied environments.
- Sucks you in.
- Top-notch multiplayer experience.

The Bad:
- Learning Curve.
- Thumb sticks slight movement causes over-steering.