Bumpy Road is a game developed by Simogo. The app was featured as “iPad App of the Week”, so I decided to check it out.

The story revolves around a couple who decide to take a road trip like they used to during their younger years. It’s similar to other 2D side scrollers but heres the catch, instead of controlling the car you manipulate the surrounding terrain to push the car in the direction you desire. The game is really charming with beautiful graphics and background images, and the music suits the gameplay well. However, though their decision to use a unique control scheme is innovative, it does get very frustrating at times and the game loses its charm fairly quickly due to the very repetitive gameplay. The app does feature two game modes, the original and the time trial mode, though both are very similar.

Download App ($2.99)




The Good:
- Vivid Landscapes.
- Beautifully designed graphics.
- Multiple game modes.
- Reasonable price.
- Gorgeous background music.

The Bad:
- Frustrating game mechanics.
- Repetitive gameplay.