One thing I really love about the advertising world is the constant flow of creativity that almost no other profession has. Showcased here is a brilliant ad by “Anima Animation” where they are advertising for Heinz Ketchup. Normally, people would go for something generic, let’s put Ketchup on food  and then show the company logo and I think that is pretty unpretty! The people behind this ad are crazy as they worked with 3D and 2D to bring a pop-up story book to life. On a crazier note, this amazing creation only took 5 weeks to create. While many might not see the relevance of story books and ketchup, watching the ad will sure change your mind.

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Anima / Anima Boutique
Director: Mikko Pitkänen
Producer: Jani Kuronen
2D artists: Kiira Kalliomäki, Joonas Utti
3D artists: Jussi Dittmer, Janne Mäkinen, Olli Rajala, Sebastian Söderlund, Wilhelm Tigerstedt