I’ll be very honest, I’m one of those people that need directions and often get lost in his own country, this is why I decided to hunt for an app that just puts me on track when I need to. GPS’s can be expensive so an app was the way to go. Thankfully, TomTom who are already experienced with GPS devices have an app that covers the Middle East, KUWAIT included!

The App is great, easy to use and is loaded with features. You can change between 2D/3D maps and change the icon representing your current location, by a variety of symbols and colors. You can choose different voices and accents that suits your liking. The GPS tracking is so precise and rarely chooses a bad route. One thing that bothers me though is that it does not support Arabic address input and it only supports addresses, Meaning I can only specify the address of the place and not type it’s name, so if I was looking for “Avenues” I won’t find it. There is another good option in the app, where you get to see the whole map and point where you want to go, very suitable if your going somewhere but don’t know what you want. The app’s biggest plus is that it supports multitasking and music playback, your currently played music will dim when the Navigation speaker is speaking and fade back in when done. One thing worth mentioning is that the app is pricey, but I guess it is justified as it comes with free updates and lets not forget, it’s a whole GPS in your pocket! It does drink up your battery though.

Download App (99.99$)

The Good:
-  Support for Kuwait.
- Precise Navigation.
- Multitasking support.
- A full GPS in your pocket.
- Great customization.
- Landscape support.

The Bad:
- Eats up too much battery.
- No “name” support”.
- Pricey!