If you follow Rockstar Games then you must know L.A. Noire, either played it or was curious on how such a title is pronounced. As a game, L.A. Noire is one of those games that brings something new to the table that is so good to the point where it turns you down so quickly. While the game is not developed by Rockstar Games, it has been monitored by them. The game lets you play the role of a detective in a gaming mechanic no other game has ever done. You get to witness homicides and try to figure out who’s the suspect(s). This is done by examining the dead bodies, belongings and endless questioning with witnesses and people, all in order to find clues to get the bad guy. While that element of the game is great, the rest of the game is muddled out as the game features driving in an open city with unpolished controls.

There is nothing to do in the open city but drive around, chase down suspects, run after a criminal and move from one case to another. At the begining of the game, it felt like a job, it’s a problem meets an investigation meets a conclusion, then things got to the point where they are too good and the game had a story. A while later, the joyful part ended and Mr. detective returns to regular missions that show no progress towards the game. On a positive side, the game features the best character animation expressions captured from real actors, other animations and detective work is super impressive as well. The game’s graphics in interiors are so great it would make you stare at for a very long time, while outdoors suffer from short draw distance and lack of detail in comparison to interiors, I wouldn’t blame them as there isn’t anything worth doing outside in the “open” city. All in all, The game is good, it’s one of those games that should be treated like a valuable gadget, the sort you try out and get bored sooner than usual.


The Good:
- Great Animations.
- Amazing Gameplay Mechanics.
- Interior Design and detail.
- Makes you think and not just play.
- Movie – Like Experience.
- amazing texture detail.
- Innovative

The Bad:
- Boring Driving.
- Too Repetitive.
- Story has too many hiccups.
- No variety.
- Outdoor graphics clipping